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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Michelle Williams featuring Beyonce and Kelly in Say Yes Video

Well Destiny's Child is back together for a one night only event, Michelle Williams video for her new song "Say Yes". We all like the girls together we want another Destiny Chile Album soon. Take a look at the video, its actually cute. Enjoy.

<iframe src='' width='640' height='360' style='border:none;'></iframe><br/><a href="">ABC US News</a> | <a href="">ABC Celebrity News</a>

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Benzino and Stevie J bar is closed! Interview Video

It looks like Stevie J and Benzino's Bar "Sleazy and Zino Bistro Bar" is out of business. Benzino was on v-103 with his fiance Althea and he confirms that his bar has been closed for business and now tied up in a court battle with bad business partners. He also confirmed that him and Althea is Engaged.

Ok let me just be clear, That bar was closed as soon as it opened. A source told me that Benzino was caught right before the opening of the bar Sniffing lines of Cocaine and it also caught Stevie J having sex with a man.  Now The property owner never turned the cameras off because he had doubts about his new tenants. The word around the streets are that Mimi has caught wind that the man has tapes and she wants them. Mimi is trying to get revenge against her baby daddy stevie, since he taunted her about sex tape that she leaked earlier.

Well I can't wait to see how all this is going to play out, Now thats the GAG and the Freaking TEA.

If you want to see the Video if the interview here it is. 1&h1=Trending Topics: The Benzino & Althea Edition&flvUri=&partnerclipid=

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Disney Starlet Zendaya to play Aaliyah in Lifetime Biopic Movie

Come on in for a little Hot Tea. Recording artist Zendaya will portray Aaliyah in a Lifetime film about the R&B sensation who died in a plane crash at the height of her stardom.
The biopic will be filmed this summer and is scheduled to air this fall, the network announced Monday.
It will trace a career that began with Aaliyah's debut on "Star Search" at age 10. In August 2001 her life was cut short when her plane crashed after takeoff from a Bahamian runway.  I wonder will they show the part where her and R.Kelly really were so close that we really did think she was messing with him. Because if she married him clearly there would be a marriage certificate. In my honest opinion I though the singer/Songwriter Sevyn Streeter would make a good Aaliyah but i really think Zendaya will do the movie justice. She was just 22 when she departed this world.

Zendaya will record four of Aaliyah's songs for the film. She recently released her debut album and its first single, "Replay," has sold 1.1 million copies. She starred on the Disney Channel series "Shake It Up!" and was a runner-up on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars."
Only time will tell if she is the right for the part. We will be looking.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Erica Pinkett messed up by Bambi's crew

Chile these Love & Hip Hop Atlanta chicks are a fool and they really don't care.
Last night was a BLOODBATH at Atlanta’s hot club TABOO 2 – and it was Love And Hip Hop star ERICA PINKETT who was leaking all over the club LIKE A FAUCET!!
It all started yesterday when Erica was filming a MUSIC VIDEO with Scrappy. Bambi found out about it and after a brief WAR ON TWITTER Bambi basically put some $$ on Erica’s head.
So allegedly one of Bambi’s homies who is a member of a group of girls called the “LIPSTICK GANG” ran into Erica last night in the bathroom at Taboo 2. And ALLEGEDLY the girl wanted to get some of that $$ that was on Erica’s head. So ALLEGEDLY she JUMPED Erica and during the fight someone pulled a razor and tried to CUT ERICA’S FACE. And ALLEGEDLY Erica blocked it but not before receiving about A HUNDRED STITCHES to her arm.

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